USPS Change Of Address | USPS Change of Address Through Liteblue Online Portal

USPS Change Of Address: USPS the biggest postal service organization of the United States of America. This organization is owned by the government and is responsible for delivering postal correspondences across the country. USPS presently has nearly 600,000 employees.

To make sure the employee management tasks are more streamlined, USPS uses an online self-service portal called LiteBlue. This is place employees can visit online and view a number of employment-related details including paystub, benefits, schedule etc.

LiteBlue also allows the employees to view their personal information and change some of it. For example, if you need USPS change of address, instead of reaching out to HR, you can get it done all by yourself through this portal. The automated system makes work management so much easier for USPS.

Also, know how to change USPS password and how to access USPS retirement application.

If you have relocated to a new house or, say, a different city, you would like your address to be updated in USPS records immediately. Changing USPS address is not difficult at all.

You just need to visit the LiteBlue website and locate the option to carry out this simple task. However, unlike viewing your schedule, the address change is not something that you do every day.

This is why you might use a little help here. We have created this guide to make sure that USPS change of address is a quick and easy task for you. Keep reading!

Changing The Address Using Liteblue Self-Service Website:

In this section, we will learn how to change your physical address using the LiteBlue website. Follow these simple steps for USPS change of address:

  1. 1.Use any web browser on your computer and go to the LiteBlue Website at
  2. 2.Log into the portal using your Employee ID and password (if you do not know your employee ID, you can find it on your paystub on the top under ‘Employee ID’.)
  3. 3.Click the button labeled ‘Log on’
  4. 4.Locate MyHR menu and click on it. It is on the top
  5. 5.Now on the drop-down that appears click on ‘Change My Address’
  6. official postal service change of address - usps change of address
  7. 6.Click ‘Edit’ on the next page
  8. 7.Now, you will be able to enter your new address as well as contact information on the next page
  9. 8.Once you have filled and submitted the information, you can review it on the next page
  10. 9.If everything is correct, click on the ‘SAVE’ button

enter your all the details like your old and new address to do usps change of address

This is how you will be able to do the USPS change of address using LiteBlue portal.

There is one more way to change the address. Let’s take a look.

Alternative Methods To Change Your Address:

Here are two more ways you can change your USPS address:

Using Postal Mail: You can mail the request for USPS change of address to the concerned department. Make sure that the request has been properly signed by you. The address to send the mail is: HRSSC/COMPENSATION & BENEFITS, PO BOX – 970400, GREENSBORO – NC 27497-0400, USA.

Using Kiosk: USPS has also deployed various self-service kiosks at many offices as well as distribution centers. You can use the Kiosk to update your information.