USPS Retirement Application | How To Access USPS Retirement Application

USPS Retirement Application: USPS is virtually present in every nook and corner of the United States of America. This postal service is owned by the government and delivers millions of correspondences every day. This is made possible by the huge manpower the organization employs.

At present, USPS has more than half a million people working for it all over the country. The workforce size is not only huge, it is scattered across America. In order to manage the employee base effectively, USPS has deployed a large-scale employee management system. The self-service portal called LiteBlue is one part of it.

usps retirement application procedure. Apply for USPS retirement

There are a lot of things the employees can do at the portal. They can also view their retirement plans. In fact, USPS retirement plan is one of the most important parts of LiteBlue portal. Let’s look at it in more depth.

Understanding eRetire: 

USPS offers a wide range of retirement plans and schemes to its employees. In order to make sure the employees have no difficulty understanding and opting for the desired USPS retirement plans, they have introduced a new service called eRetire.

This online service lets the employees view all the retirement plans they are eligible for. It provides detailed information about each plan. The employees can thus choose the plan that suits their retirement needs the best.

The eRetire service is accessible through the LiteBlue self-service portal. Two options are available as follows:

  1. 1.Employees who have 5 or fewer years to be eligible for USPS retirement
  2. 2.Employees who have either already retired or will be eligible for USPS retirement within six months

What Are The Different Types Of USPS Retirement?

types of liteblue usps retirement

How To Apply For Retirement Using eRetire:

Before filling the USPS retirement application, here are some of the things the employees need to be aware of:

  • eRetire section shows you the list of all the available plans. However, only the full-time USPS employees can see the estimates of annuity auto-calculated. The Postal Inspectors, who are the part-time employees of the organization need to calculate the estimates themselves. The other option for the part-time employees is to contact their HR management for more detailed information.
  • The retirement benefits are available only after the retirement. But, the application forms must be filled and submitted in advance. This makes sure that the USPS retirement plan becomes effective without any delays when the time comes. You don’t necessarily have to use eRetire to fill the form. You may also request the form to be sent to you in an email.
  • If there is anything about the USPS retirement you do not understand, you may also ask for a free counseling session.

Here Is How You Can Fill The eRetirement Plan:

  1. 1.Go to the LiteBlue website at and log in with your ID and password
  2. 2.Click ‘MyHR’ tab
  3. 3.On the bottom of the next page click the button ‘Employees App’
  4. 4.You should now be able to see the list of all the apps available to you. Locate and click on the ‘eRetire’ app to fill the USPS retirement application.