LiteBlue Login (WWW.LiteBlue.USPS.Gov ) – The Online Portal For USPS Employees

Liteblue Login: USPS is the largest postal service in the United States. This government-owned entity employs hundreds of thousands of employees across the country. Owing to the huge size of the workforce, USPS has designed a self-service portal as the part of their employee management program.

This portal is called LiteBlue and gives the employees access to payroll, benefits, schedule, and more. This portal offers many services and answers many questions for the employees. In this article, we will talk about LiteBlue in detail.

liteblue login - liteblue usps login

LiteBlue Login Requirements:

LiteBlue login has been created for the USPS employees. You need to register and gain access to the services. Before you get started, there are a few things you would like to know. Take a look:

Unique Employee ID: USPS assigns a unique employee ID to each employee after they have been hired. If you do not know your employee ID, you could look it up on your ID card, which is provided to each employee.

You may also look it up on your pay stub where the 8-digit employee ID is printed on the top. You can locate it easily. Your employee ID is your username for LibeBlue USPS access.

Access Password: While you need a password for USPS Lite Blue portal, you do not create it on the portal itself. There is a universal password created for Self Service Profile (SSP) which is used for LiteBlue access among other things.

What you also need to know is that this password is not meant for the self-service employee IVR. For IVR you will need a PIN. We will talk more about password later in this article.

How To Register For Liteblue USPS And How To Do LiteBlue Login?

Once you have obtained the employee ID from USPS and created the Lite Blue password, you can log in to the website very easily.

All you need to do is visit and enter your username and password. Simply click ‘Log on’ to proceed and log in to the portal.

Note: USPS is a US government organization. Lite Blue portal is meant to be accessed only by the authorized employee of USPS. Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to the portal may attract legal action.

Forgot LiteBlue login Password? Use SSP For Creating / Resetting Password:

Before we get into the process of creating or resetting the password, it would be important to have a brief understanding of Self-Service Profile (SSP) designed by USPS. SSP encompasses an array of self-service tools for the USPS employees. LiteBlue is one of the tools of SSP. Here is a quick look at what you can do with SSP:

  1. 1.It lets you create a personal profile
  2. 2.You can create or reset a universal password which is used across all SSP tools
  3. 3.You can create or change IVR PIN
  4. 4.Add/Update your personal information including email address and contact details
  5. 5.Create/Edit security question


SSP includes the following services: LiteBlue, ideas, PostalEASE, eOPF, and eReassign.

You need the SSP password to log in to LiteBlue (and other self-service tools). If you happen to be a new employee you will need to create the SSP password while using the portal for the first time. Existing users who have forgotten or lost the password can visit to reset the password.

Main Features And Services Of USPS Liteblue.Gov:

LiteBlue self-service portal offers you access to a variety of employment-related information. Even though SSP has many self-service tools, LiteBlue is the most widely used. Here is a quick look at some of the features of Lite Blue:

Access to Schedule: The ability to view the work schedule is one of the most important aspects of any self-service portal. Thankfully, USPS lets you view your schedule through LiteBlue. Being aware of the schedule makes sure you carry out effective time management both at the personal and professional front. Once you log in to LiteBlue, you can directly go to the schedule section on the homepage.

Here, you will be able to view the schedule by day, week and even month. If your manager changes the schedule, you will receive a notification. You may also request for the change in schedule, but it will be subject to approval by your manager.

View the Benefits: Like any other employer, USPS offers certain benefits to the employees. Unfortunately, most employees are not even aware of the benefits they are entitled to.

The LiteBlue portal lets you view all the benefits you have chosen and the ones you are eligible for. You can also access PostalEase directly through LiteBlue to manage the benefits.

LiteBlue Services:

View ePayroll: You can also access your payment statement or paystub using LiteBlue self-service portal. It allows you to download your payment statement onto your computer in the PDF format.

You may also have the payroll stub sent to your email address registered with LiteBlue. You may also opt for ePayroll which will make sure that your paystub is automatically sent to your email address each month.

Update Personal Information: If you need to change your personal or contact information, you can do that easily on the LiteBlue USPS website. For instance, if you have moved into a new house, you may update your address on the website.

Career Opportunities: As a government employee at USPS, you would like to move up the ladder. LiteBlue has a section where you can see the current opportunities at USPS.

You can apply for a new role within the organization if you are eligible. USPS keeps coming up with new opportunities every now and then. LiteBlue is a good place to stay up to date with them.


An organization as big as USPS with hundreds of thousands of employees requires an effective and reliable employee management system. Such organizations incorporate a variety of tools to this end. Self-service options are an integral part of the employee management system.

They are designed to give employees access to a wide range of employment-related information. They are also meant to answer a lot of their questions. LiteBlue is a well designed and useful self-service tool for the USPS employees.